5 Apps and Programs Made For Women, By Women

In the ever-changing intersection of American technology and business, new innovations and ideas seem to pop up at the speed of light. From the Apple iPad to SpaceX launching multiple rockets and developing a reusable launch system to AI, VR, and digital work spaces, these breakthroughs push us further as a society — lots of times in terms of work efficiency — and allow the growth of our collective knowledge.

However, a seat at the table in these large-scale technical feats can be hard to come by for women and minority groups — especially women of color. Women make up less than half of the US workforce, 47% to be exact. In the tech industry, women take up only 25% of computer-related tech roles. White women hold a 30% share in entry-level professional occupations, whereas women of color only hold 18%. The pay gap also remains strikingly unequal across male and female populations. For every dollar a man makes, white women make 76 cents, black women make 64 cents, and hispanic women make 54 cents (Huffington Post 2017). The problem doesn’t end there — we still have a lot of progress until women of all ethnicities, sexualities, and backgrounds get equitable access to opportunity.

We found a list of five apps made by women, for women that inspire us and many other women to feel safe, heard, and empowered in their professional lives. Despite the difficulties women face, we believe apps and ideas like these have the potential to fundamentally change the statistics listed above. The women behind these apps know a few things and users can feel assured knowing that their experience is understood and their success will be fostered and encouraged.

  • 1. Gender Fair

    Gender Fair

    Though not yet released, this app gives the user a looking glass into which brands and companies offer the most gender-inclusive spaces. Before buying a product or engaging with a company, women can scan products they wish to purchase, which brings up a rating of the product and the company behind it — all based on how focused the company is on integrating gender equality. Not only is this a great tool for women who want to invest their money in companies that have equitable practices, it could also be a great way to weed out potential employers.

  • 2. The Riveter — Come Together

    The Riveter

    The Riveter app helps women navigate the workforce and build their careers by providing an online community where they can share their stories to a diverse community of working women and receive answers from industry executives. Members get a personal experience and utilize the provided connections and community to seek help with pressing questions related to women in the workforce. This includes but is not limited to wage negotiations, work-life management, career shifts, and any problems related to gender bias in a professional environment. The Riveter strives to be inclusive and seeks to help women of different races, sexualities and ages — keeping in mind these factors greatly influence a woman’s experience in the workplace.

  • 3. Joonko


    Joonko is a software program that allows companies to expand their diversity efforts and minimize possible bias challenges through AI. Founder Ilit Raz understands firsthand the difficulties women and minorities face in the workplace and knows change is past due. In order to combat inevitable diversity and inclusion biases, Joonko uses AI to prescribe unique situations related to biases and suggest ways to combat the problem. Through forward thinking and a real need for equitable change, Joonko proves to be a powerful program that can help implement company diversity in real, actionable ways.

  • 4. Adalab


    Adalab is a digital company meant to help young women learn the ropes of the tech world and gives them an avenue to succeed in the tech industry. Founded by Ines Vázquez & Rosario Ortiz, this app is named after Ada Lovelace, famous for being the first known female computer programmer in history. It provides a set of courses that teach women about computer programming, web development, and IT among other highly sought after skills. The app also has a social network feature and gives women a space to connect with other individuals interested in tech.

  • 5. PowerToFly


    PowerToFly is an online community dedicated to providing its female users with jobs and events to aid with landing a dream job. They work together with various startups and Fortune 500 companies to promote diversity and inclusion, including American Express and GitLab, both to improve diversity practices within business and connect women with jobs that value them and their work. Founded by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski, they understand that progress will be slow unless we take actionable steps to improve opportunities for women in tech. They are the medium between the job seeker and the company and the tool with which change can happen at a faster rate than we’re accustomed to.

  • 6. Emerj


    Designed to help connect women with mentors, Emerj has bridged the gap on the issue of work related topics.With the ability to search any criteria, women in the workplace can now confidently get tips within their own communities, as well as ask a specific question with a 1-on-1 chat with a female mentor. To ensure each woman can get satisfactory expertise, filters for their specific job industry and local area are provided. To have such a tool at the tip of your fingers can mean the difference between leaving and staying, with the intentions of each employee becoming happier and more productive than ever. For organizations, the dashboard empowers smarter, data-driven decisions. Emerj challenges current market norms, unleashing your people potential, helping companies grow exponentially.

  • 7. Woices


    Confrontation in the workplace isn’t the easiest thing to overcome, but Woices makes sure your voice is heard. Revolutionizing employee engagement, participation and involvement, this app helps to empower employees by enabling them to share their ideas, honest feedback, and report incidents without the fear of consequences, embarrassment or hesitation. Woices believes people should be able to fearlessly voice their opinions. With the implementation of this app, companies are able to improve workplace culture in the most effective way.

  • 8. Bumble Bizz

    Bumble Bizz

    Networking shouldn’t have to be hard, especially when it comes to your gender. From the creator of Bumble, it’s work-focused partner, Bumble Bizz, has the same female-first approach to networking. The app includes a feature called “Women in Bizz”, allowing its women users to solely connect with other professional working women. Networking and building professional relationships with other working women in your local area is now as easy as swiping right.

  • 9. Seneca Connect

    Seneca Connect

    Women empowering women is what the Seneca Connect app is all about. From “fast forwarding” women’s careers through networking, they also provide a platform to shop from women-owned businesses and announcements of inclusive women-focused events. Named after the famous Seneca Falls Convention and based on the book “Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose,” this app features advice from women leaders, as well as highlights a curated news feed. Seneca Connect is the first app to provide daily inspiration and insights from women leaders, along with purpose-driven and actionable podcast programs, women-focused news and events.

  • 10. Stylebook


    Are you working in Corporate America and need to look professional with a stylish flare, but don’t seem to have the budget to achieve a refined look? Well, Stylebook has you covered from head to toe. In your efforts to look fashionable while on a budget, Stylebook stylists’ handpick staple pieces and accessory items that will integrate seamlessly with what’s already fabricated in your wardrobe, making your closet whole. Now, you can feel confident about your workplace attire and not worry about breaking the bank.

    At Mariposa Sisters, we are committed to building up women and their ideas. In order to achieve equity in the workplace, we need to do our part as women and lift each other up. We can start by utilizing the resources listed above — we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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