Womxn Owned Company to Watch: glimmer.


Glimmer. Is a company breaking barriers when it comes to mental health, therapy that is inclusive Wait, scratch that. Inclusive? Empowering.” , and also has some pretty awesome branding


Founded by Grace Stephenson, a founder who encourages glimmer. website viewers to reach out to her email to “questions, concerns, advice, or just a fun fact,” she clearly is coming from a place of pureness. 


glimmer. is there to shorten the gap between health resources and wealth making them more obtainable for the womxn, QTBIPOC, and the LGBTQ+ community while also making therapy more empowering. The website personally vets their therapists while also helping individuals find a therapist that is right for all their needs including if they are an extrovert/introvert, health needs, and affordability. 


While also helping partner individuals with therapists, glimmer. Also hosts resources for sexuality, sexual health, and mental health. 


They also host a “Cultural and Creative” resource list filled with movies, print media, and podcasts that are more inclusive. 


Through all the good they do, and glimmer. does a lot, they also make fun mugs, stickers, and more in their Glimmer Shop. Through their marketplace you can also find vetted folk that support the womxn and LGTBQ+ community through their shops + work. 


glimmer. is a safe resource where you can support yourself, find important answers to some of your questions regarding mental health, sexual health, and sexuality,  and also support other womxn and LGTBQ+ businesses. 

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