Menstrual + Period Care Tips and Tricks 

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Period care has a lot of stigma around it. Sometimes this leads to a very basic knowledge of how to take care of ourselves during our time of the month. Ultimately, this can cause some people to buy the wrong products, not cater to our needs correctly, or to just fall silent. 


Here are a few pieces of information that us at Mariposa Sisters have gathered together over time to help bridge the gap, spark conversation, and help y’all educate each other!


When buying tampons, pads, or liners (any cotton product that goes near or inside you) make sure to read into the ingredients of both the cotton and applicator! Over the past year or so, I’ve seen my drugstore “feminine hygiene” aisle change with more “organic” labels spread across boxes. You can read more about the specifics, but checking the ingredients and processing of the products helps maintain your PH levels as well as make sure your hormones aren’t disrupted. 


Not all who menstruate are female and large steps are being taken to bring inclusive language into Sex Ed but also into the period care world. 


I’m sure some of you have heard of the Pink Tax and maybe even the movement Period Equity but if you haven’t, here is an article by the NYTimes “It’s Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political” helping break down its importance.


More eco-friendly options exist for period care, other than organic tampons and pads! Menstrual cups, given cleanliness and ability to be sanitized properly, can be an affordable eco-friendly option for those who want other options with less waste. 


Remember: Educating yourself, talking about your body, and being open about what you are going through is never shameful! It is all natural and should be spoken about organically and honestly, not only empower us but also to inform us on the best ways to take care of ourselves. 



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