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Kamala Harris makes history

California democratic member of the U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris is the first Black and indian American to be a major party’s vice presidential nominee.


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the nominee for President of the United States, announced that he had selected Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate on August 11, 2020, since then Kamala has accepted the nomination.  


Kamala pointed out in her nomination speech the divide amongst the American people that has been ignited under Trump’s administration and said she will work to restore inclusivity within America.


“There is no vaccine for racism. We’ve got to do the work,” Harris said. “For George Floyd. For Breonna Taylor. For the lives of too many others to name…for our children, for all of us.”


Kamala Harris endorses former Vice President Joe Biden by expressing their shared values and explaining how they will strive for change. Harris explains that they both believe in equality and seek to fight for justice for all people of our nation. 


On Wednesday Oct. 7 the Vice Presidential debates took place leaving supporters of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign impressed as a  CNN Instant Poll of registered voters who calculated that Kamala Harris dominated the debate and won. Polls concluded that women said Kamala did a “good job by a 69% to 30% margin.” 


Kamala Harris was prepared, assertive, and confident, seeing an empowered Black woman dominating a Vice Presidential debate inspired many women and showed little girls all over the nation that anything is possible. 


The Presidential election is right around the corner to register to vote and find out more information on how to vote visit the following links below.


Author: Khala Clarke 

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