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Eden Beauty Glam

Women around the world come in all different shapes and sizes, but sometimes that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the fashion industry. According to a Glamour article, “plus-size women represent 68% of shoppers,” so why is it that when we go shopping, the majority of what we see are clothes made for girls who are a size two?


A recent Forbes article called for the fashion industry to stop treating plus-size women as different from smaller-sized women. Women in the article said they didn’t want to see anymore “online-only collections” and wanted more “models who represent a diversity of shapes.”


Women’s clothing boutique Eden Beauty Glam is a great example of a company that provides for women of all shapes and sizes.


Eden Beauty Glam’s “About Us” page reads: “Fashion can mean so many things to different people. We aren’t all the same, so, of course, our styles of clothing and accessories are different. Each individual can choose to dress down or fancy but only you get to decide what that means.”


The clothing site is owned by a woman of color who has incorporated a wide variety of items within the online boutique. There is basic apparel, such as blouses, bottoms, and dresses, but then there are also many accessories, including jewelry, sunglasses, and hats. And, they even have cute little masks to combat the current pandemic.


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Author: Ashli Ellerman

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