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5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Days That Feel Repetitive

For the past couple of months, many days have felt repetitive. Mostly because we’ve switched everything up to be online rather than in person as a way to social distance. So most of us spend all our time with our laptops and desks at home. Being at home all the time sometimes gets in the way of our work. Having our beds and electronics near us at all times is very tempting. It makes you want to skip out on that class or work meeting and just sleep or watch shows all day long. There are many days where finding the motivation to do something might be hard. When those days come don’t let your motivation go fight back! Here are 5 ways that can help you stay motivated during times when you feel your  motivation is slipping away.


1. Take a break to relax:


Sometimes all you need is a break, a breather, a minute for yourself. At least spend 5 mins or more a day doing something that you like. Having a lot of work to be done is stressful especially when all those deadlines start getting close. It’s good to take a break
in between finished projects that way when you start your next one you won’t feel so tired you’ll feel refreshed and will make fewer mistakes.


2. Plan out your week:


When everything is planned out and written down you are more likely to achieve your goals for the week. Buy a planner, a dry erase board calendar to put up on your wall, or even use your phone to set up reminders. Just write down everything you have to do for
the week. As a college student, I’ve noticed that when you plan out your week in advance it really helps with keeping up with everything. Sometimes just knowing what is coming ahead sets you on the right track.


3. Set goals for yourself:


Setting goals for yourself is a must. It can be a small task like cleaning your room at least once a week or a big task like finishing all your projects by the end of the month. Give yourself something to work with and things will go smoothly.


4. Make sure to eat well:


Make sure you are eating 3 proper meals a day! Sometimes we might skip a couple meals if we are busy. But skipping meals usually leads to making you feel lazy and not having enough energy to do anything. If you do plan on skipping a meal try having a light snack
instead. Having something in your body is always better than nothing. Remember to stay hydrated and do your best with cutting back on junk food!


5. Change your surroundings:


A change in your surroundings helps as well. When you do your work it’s probably in the same spot everyday. Try changing it up every now and then. For example, if you always do work in your bedroom, try moving to a different room in your home. If you have a back yard or maybe even front yard try doing your work outside. Pull up a chair and just work there once in a while just to get some fresh air. Certain changes are always nice.



Author: Daisy Elizalde

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