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5 Health & Beauty Businesses Owned by Black Women

Shontay Lundy, Founder & Creator, Black Girl Sunscreen

Shontay Lundy began with the dream of Black women having a sunscreen brand that caters to the needs of melanated skin. Sunscreen has a reputation for leaving a white cast on darker skin tones and therefore its use has been neglected by Black people. Knowing this, Lundy hit the Miami scene in 2016 with the launch of Black Girl Sunscreen. Launching her sunscreen brand was risky – she was going up against the longstanding belief that Black people don’t need to wear sunscreen. Much to her surprise, there were many other Black women looking for sunscreen. Black Girl Sunscreen now has a full time spot in Target’s sunscreen section and is the company’s only independently Black-owned brand. 




Bea Dixon, CEO & Founder, Honey Pot Co.

What kickstarted the Honey Pot Co.’s creation was Dixon’s struggle to get reliefs from bacterial vaginosis. She had a dream one night, where an ancestor came to her and gave her the gift of healing herself. The Honey Pot Co. is a natural  feminine care line. Their products range from tampons and pads to panty sprays, lubricants, and more. All of these products are made by women, for women. Honey Pot Co.’s products are made without chemicals, toxins, fragrances, and anything synthetic. They are sold online and in major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, and more.



Trinity Mouzan, Founder, Golde

In 2017, Golde was co-founded in Brooklyn, NY with a mission of bringing good vibes to the wellness industry. Golde is an independently owned company that makes superfood-boosted health and beauty essentials. Their products range from tumeric blends to face masks. 






Melissa Butler, CEO & Founder, The Lip Bar 

In 2012, Butler started The Lip Bar to challenge beauty standards. She didn’t want to conform to the way society was telling women how they should look. Butler began to experiment with making lipsticks in her kitchen. She sought out to make a brand that won’t compromise user health and aimed to change the ways people think about beauty products. After failing to strike a deal with one of the sharks on Shark Tank, Butler landed a spot on Target’s shelves. The Lip Bar is now in over 450 Target stores around the country and the brand even has its own storefront in Detroit, MI. The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that encourages users to challenge beauty standards, and reminds people that they are definitely enough!







Sharon Chuter, CEO & Founder, Uoma Beauty 

Born in Nigeria, Sharon Chuter has tackled the lack of color ranges in makeup brands and has been very hands-on with creating a brand that features a wide range in order to cater to all shades. She uses her African heritage in combination with her radiant spirit to deliver a product that is inclusive and well loved by its users. Uoma Beauty is characterized by instant payoff, loves all skin types, and delivers maximum pleasure to all the senses. 



Author: Alaina Newman








Black Girl Sunscreen

Honey Pot Co. 


The Lip Bar

Uoma Beauty 

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