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Hey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re Mariposa Sisters! Whether you’ve been keeping up with the posts on our social media, or this is the first time you’re meeting us, welcome! We understand there’s been some questions about who we are and what we do. We thought it would be fun if we listed some facts about us. We hope that this helps to answer your questions!


Who is Mariposa Sisters?

We are an online community of women who aim to uplift and empower one another. Our goal is to provide a safe space for women to come together and share their stories. We are a team of women, with interests in health and wellness, who want to bring awareness to and encourage conversations about topics that deeply affect women everywhere. 


What do we do?

Our mission is to empower women’s wellness internationally through film and visual storytelling. We do this by travelling around the world and having transformative conversations with women. We start by experiencing their day-to-day routines and environments to help us see life through their lens. To help foster the growing relationship, we engage in conversations about the complexities of being a woman in their respective communities. We also try to understand the roles each of these women play within their communities. Ways we give women an opportunity to release is through mind-body exercises, meditation and breathwork, nutritional education, and self defense. Our goal is to build a relationship with the women in various communities and create a safe space for them to share their stories with us. Once they do, we share those stories through film with the world in hopes of inspiring women all around the globe.


Is there a film out already?

There isn’t a film out quite yet! Making a film takes a village, and is a very long process. In September this year, we went down to Puerto Penasco, Sorona, Mexico to record and experience the lives and stories of the women in those local communities. Unfortunately, domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape are very common in Puerto Penasco. There isn’t much being done to help the victims. In the film, we hope to highlight the strength of these women who shared their stories with us. In addition, we’re bringing awareness not only to the lack of aid, but to the situation in its entirety. This film emphasizes the tremendous healing power in owning your story. We do have an update about the film! While we finished filming back in September, we finished all of the rough edits on the film and even had a small screening! We still have a little ways to go until the film is completely ready. Right now, we are having all the final edits done. This means adding things like animation, music, sound effects, and fillers. We’re working hard to bring this movie to you all in 2021. In the meantime, our goal is to create an online community that explores and welcomes all conversation celebrating and supporting women. So keep an eye out for our updates about the film!


What have we been up to?

While the film is being made, we have been really active on social media. We’ve been writing blogs, raising awareness for events such as Hispanic Heritage Month, sharing resources, promoting women owned businesses, and much more! We also brought on a bunch of new interns at the end of September! We are working on releasing a newsletter so that readers will have all our news in one spot. 


We hope this helps you get to know us and answer your questions! If you have any other questions or comments, fly on over to our website ( and send us an email. We look forward to connecting with you!


Author: Alaina Newman

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