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Making Time for Yourself

With the holidays right around the corner and the world being 9 months into the pandemic, it’s that much more important to take some time out for yourself. Taking yourself on a date is also a perfect way to break up your day and spice up your normal break time. I would love to share some of my favorite ways to spend some well deserved me-time.



Yoga is an amazing way to exercise and relax. One of the things I love about yoga is it can be practiced anywhere and anytime. You don’t even need a mat, just a soft surface! Yoga is deeply personal and practices are completely customizable. A practice can be anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour; depending on your skill level and what your body needs. I like to use the Nike Training App to access yoga classes, but there’s also so many practices you can follow along on Youtube as well. My favorite is Yoga With Adriene, but some other channels are MadFit, Yoga With Kassandra and Boho Beautiful. 



Taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate is a great way to reset yourself and just to take a pause. Like yoga, meditation is deeply personal. For me, meditation is a part of my daily routine. I like to meditate before I practice yoga to set my intentions for the practice and clear my mind of busy thoughts. I also meditate after yoga to ensure a smooth transition from yoga to whatever else I’m going to do the rest of the day. When I meditate, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and place it out of my reach. I personally like to sit in silence with my eyes closed, focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind.You can meditate with background music such as ocean sounds or yoga music, or you can just sit or even lay in silence.



Journaling is another great way to invest some time in yourself. It is very cathartic to just grab a pen and some paper and just let your thoughts go. Most of my journal entries don’t have much structure to them because they just follow the flow of my thoughts. It also feels like a form of meditation when you’re just reflecting on your thoughts and thinking about what to write. What you journal in doesn’t matter; whether it’s on a laptop, random pieces of paper, or in a journal. I started journaling my freshman year of college and it has been such a beneficial and positive activity for me.


Spending Time Outside

With stay-at-home orders and students taking online classes, it has gotten difficult to get outside and relax. Even in the midst of everything going on, I’ve made time for relaxation through roller skating, taking a walk, and even taking myself for a picnic date at the park. Skating has been super great for my mental health because it is both stimulating and challenging. Each time I go skating, I turn on a good playlist and take to the pavement. I challenge myself to learning new tricks and reward myself with feeling like I’m flying. Taking yourself on a picnic date at the park feels so special, and it’s so cute! Just pack up a blanket, something to eat, and whatever else you’d like to bring. I usually bring a book, my journal, or a coloring book and colored pencils, and my mask of course! Going for a walk in either your neighborhood or in the park can be stressful, so I usually go at times when there usually aren’t that many people. Just make sure to wear a mask and stay socially distant!


Given the current state of the world, remember to take yourself on a date because you deserve it! There are so many different ways to spend some time with yourself that will help you to reset and take a break from your phone. Below, LeArielle Simone shared a thread of ways to spend time for yourself based on the 5 Love Languages.

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Don’t forget to take some time for yourself! What are your favorite ways to make time for yourself? Let us know in the box below!


Author: Alaina Newman 

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