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New Year, New YOU

It’s that time of the year again, as we look back and reflect on goals we’ve set for 2020.  You might have accomplished some but not all and that’s ok. As you reflect, approach your unmet goals and ask yourself whether or not you’d like to take it into the new year. If it feels too challenging, consider breaking it down into a smaller actionable goal.  Also, don’t forget to be kind to yourself, 2020 was not an easy year! In a time where the world is more chaotic, taking the time to write out your goals can make you more clear in your direction and ease stress. It could be anything from exercising more, starting up a business, to learning a new language. 


You might think it is too early to be planning but it’s never too early. Start by making a list of all the different things you have been wanting to try. After the list is made narrow it down to a few goals that interest you the most that way you won’t be overwhelmed. For each goal that you have written down a specific explanation of what you need to do for them. Buy a planner and set aside certain days/times when you are available to work on those goals of yours. Do your best to spend maybe one to two days of the week for about an hour or more just to work on those goals of yours. And lastly, give yourself a budget. Starting something new might require you to buy a couple of things but let’s try to not overspend unless it is really necessary. Remember that anything is possible if you put in enough time and effort.


 We are here to remind you, that you are capable of whatever you set your mind to and we believe in you.


Author: Daisy Elizalde

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