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Celebrating the end 2020

As December comes to an end and January gets closer, 2020 was a wild ride. The new year will bring a much needed end to the craziness 2020 had in store for us. We hope you’re proud of yourself for making it through this year; that alone is a huge accomplishment! Here’s a short list of wonderful things you completed and hopefully get you to look forward to a new year.


1. You made it through a really tough semester


This is a major achievement! Taking online classes isn’t for everyone, and suddenly having all of your classes online is a major change. Students struggled with being present, actually learning, having the motivation to show up for class, and so much more. School didn’t feel like how it usually does and the days blended together significantly more. Through it all, you did it! You still were able to get through this stressful semester of school. It doesn’t even matter how well you did, because all that matters is you did it! 


2. You started new hobbies


Quarantine brought a lot of firsts, but hopefully one of those firsts was a new hobby! Thanks to Tik Tok things such as roller skating, baking, and bread making made a comeback! People also became their own baristas whipping up coffee drinks, starting with the trendy Dalgona coffee. Tie dye also made its way back into the light as people began to reinvent their wardrobes. Being a botanist and seeing plant collections grow was a very popular hobby that people got into as well. The point is that even with all the horrible things this year threw at everyone, you were able to make the best of it. And that is definitely something to be proud of!


3. You had more free time


This one may not seem like something to celebrate, but you absolutely should. When was the last time you had this much free time? With this free time, you might’ve taken time for you, worked on your mental health, worked on your physical health, learned something new, or done absolutely nothing. And there’s nothing wrong with that! How you want to spend your free time is completely up to you. We hope you’re proud of whatever you may have done in your free time!


We all know this year has been less than ideal, but we’ve made it through! We hope that you’ll keep your accomplishments in mind as we head into a new year.



Authour: Alaina Newman

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