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10 Daily positive affirmations for a better mindset

As we are still early into this new year, changes are continuously happening around us and keeping a strong and positive mindset will make the different transitions that come with life that much more easier. The Mariposa Sisters believe in finding peace within yourself will not only help better your mind but it helps your body, your soul and ultimately it will help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Creating a positive mindset will help you have a positive and peaceful life. 


 So let’s get into it, what are positive affirmations? 


Positive affirmations are words, phrases and statements that an individual says to themselves or others to encourage and motivate. In other words, Affirmations are what I like to call “confidence shots’ ‘ they are words that carry so much power because when you are self- affirming you are building your confidence by motivating, encouraging and reassuring yourself.


 Affirming yourself is a way to self build, heal, and love yourself. So, take these 10 affirmations and create a positive mind, body and heart. 


To start the day (fill in the space with a positive affirmation)


1. I embrace the power and beauty within me. 


2. I am confident of my ability to ______________


3. I am even better than I was yesterday. 


4. What I love about myself is_________________


5. Today I will allow myself to be who I am free of any judgement.


To end the day 


6. I am grateful for the many blessing I have in my life. 


7. With each day I am growing and learning.


8. I trust the path that I am on. 


9. I felt proud of myself today when I___________


10. I am beautiful, strong, powerful, courageous, I am ready for whatever is next for me.


Tips when self affirming

* When self-affirming you want the thing you say to actually resonate, so be sure to stay 100 percent honest with yourself and speak truthfully. 


* Make positive affirmations a part of  your daily routine. 


* Journaling or writing  your affirmations is a great way to get in the habit of saying affirmations as well as remembering the things you’ve said along the way.


* Avoid saying words with negative connotations. 


* Self-affirm EVERYWHERE, in the mirror, the shower, the car EVERYWHERE! Continuously remind yourself what you mean to you!


Author: Khala Clarke 

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