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3 Binge worthy Netflix shows staring women

 How to Get Away with Murder


How to Get Away with Murder is a nail-biting thriller staring Oscar and Tony award winning actress Viola Davis as Annalise Keating; a criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University in Philadelphia. 


In the series Analise picks five of her first year students to intern at her firm: Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, and Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo. The five students work alongside Annalises’ long time employees Frank Delfino(Charlie Weber) and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) to fight for justice as well as evade it. 


This show highlights women from many different backgrounds and ethnicities dominating a field that is notoriously run by men and is must-see for any film enthusiast!






Wentworth is a drama series about an Australian women’s prison that does a great job at highlighting the parallels of societal hierarchy within the prison system. 


At first the show focuses on a frail and frightened Bea Smith played by Danielle Cormack who later evolves into a powerful prison lord. We see Bea’s rapid rise to the top of the prison hierarchy as well as the dynamic development of the other characters throughout the series.The women of Wentworth prison are gritty, powerful and fierce.





Scandal is a heart-wrenching political thriller starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. The show is based in the White House and is centered around the life of Olivia Pope as she dedicates her life to protecting the secrets of the the most powerful people in America, including the president himself. How’s that for a current events’ irony?


Breaking boundaries, ‘Scandal’ highlights a single Black woman of power in the White House as well as setting the standard for the film industry in terms of diversification of its cast members. It also does a great job of attacking some common societal issues such as infidelity, feminism, race and shady government politics.



Author: Khala Clarke 


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10 Iconic Christmas Movies

Christmas is quickly approaching and we understand this holiday season might have been much more stressful than ever. Here’s a short list of lighthearted Christmas movies that’ll help melt away holiday tensions. With Christmas right around the corner, what better way to get even more into the spirit than by watching Christmas movies?



1. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
Jim Carrey’s Grinch easily became iconic. His improvised humor is really what made the film stand apart from the 1966 original cartoon. This movie features a grouchy hermit with a hate for Christmas who formulates a plan to steal the holiday from the Whos.



2. Elf (2003)
Buddy the Elf discovers he’s a human who was raised by elves in the North Pole. Upon learning this, he travels to New York in search of his father. This film is full of laughter and inspires the audience to love their family a little harder. Definitely a classic!



3. Home Alone (1990)
In this iconic Christmas movie, Kevin is the youngest in his family and accidentally gets left behind when his family takes a trip to Paris. This 8-year-old finds himself in a situation where he has to defend his home from a pair of burglars.



4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, finds himself worn out from the repetition of having a stellar Halloween every year. He stumbles upon a door that takes him to Christmastown and falls in love with the joy the holiday brought him. Jack later comes up with a plan to have the citizens of Halloweentown host Christmas. His attempt to have a spooky Christmas causes confusion and he realizes the importance of having a great Halloween each year.



5. The Santa Clause (1994)
Tim Allen stars in this Christmas classic where he becomes Santa Claus and takes on his responsibilities after St. Nick takes a tumble off a roof. Scott Calvin accidentally causes Santa to fall off his roof. Afterwards, he is magically selected to not only finish delivering the gifts on Christmas Eve. Once Christmas is over, Scott tries to hide the truth from his family. This movie is such a family fun classic!




6. The Polar Express (2004)
In this classic tale, a young boy goes on a magical adventure to the North Pole. He and other children get the invite on Christmas Eve by being able to hear the bells. They all travel on the Polar Express with hopes of meeting Santa Claus himself.




7. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
This iconic story about a misfit reindeer and his friends is the underdog tale we could all use. Rudolph and his friends set out on an adventure to find somewhere where they’ll be accepted. Throughout their journey, they learn that being different is what makes them special.




8. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
A true classic! In this movie, Charlie Brown finds himself upset with the commercialism and materialism of Christmas. He then takes it upon himself, with some help from the gang, to find the deeper and true meaning of Christmas.





9. A Christmas Carol (1951)
This legendary Christmas tale is one where an old man, Ebenezer Scrooge, hates the Christmas season with his entire being. Year after year, he curses the holiday and utters his famous “bah-humbug”. On the night of Christmas Eve, he is visited by 3 ghosts who take him on a journey through Christmases past, present, and future.




10. Gremlins (1984)
Billy is given a mythical Chinese creature called “mogwai” named Gizmo. Strange things happen to these creatures, such as they multiply in water and shouldn’t be fed after midnight. Billy accidentally gets Gizmo wet and he produces a couple eggs. These eggs hatch but when they are fed after midnight, begin to wreak havoc on the town and everyone in it.





Author: Alaina Newman

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5 Christmas songs Sung by dazzling women

Christmas is here and what would Christmas be without Christmas music. To keep you and your loved ones festive during these hard times here’s a list of 10 christmas songs sung by amazing women that will not only get you in the holiday spirit but get you off your feet!



1. Mariah Carey


“All I Want For Christmas Is You”

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you…





2. Destiny’s Child


“Do You Hear What I Hear”

Do you hear what I hear
Do you hear what I hear

Said the night wind to the little lamb,
Do you see what I see
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
Do you see what I see
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite…





3. Carrie Underwood


“O Holy Night”

O holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
‘Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth…




4.Diana Ross


“Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
Since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

It doesn’t show signs of stoppin’
And I brought some corn for poppin’
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!



5. Whitney Houston


“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on, our troubles will be out of sight, my Lord
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yuletide gay
From now on, our troubles will be miles away
Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more
Through the years we all will be together
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself a merry little Christmas right now




Author: Khala Clarke 

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Song Recommendations: Body Positivity/Self-love

The music industry can be a harsh place for women. They deal with so much criticism from the moment they step foot into the world of fame. Here are 4 female artists that advocate for body positivity/self-love in their songs.Just take a look at the lyrics seen below!


1. Lizzo: “Scuse me”

Lyrics: “Scuse me while I feel myself

Look up in the mirror oh I’m having visions

Feeling like a million, ooh, I can get it”



2. Meghan Trainor: “Me Too”

Lyrics: “I thank god everyday

That I woke up feelin’ this way

And I can’t help lovin’ myself, nuh-uh

If I was you i’d wanna be me too”



3. Beyonce: “Pretty Hurts”

Lyrics: “Pretty hurts

We shine the light on whatever’s worse

Perfection is a disease of a nation”



4. Alessia Cara: “Scars to Your Beautiful”

Lyrics: “You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t need to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful”


Author: Daisy Elizalde


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Song Recommendations: Let’s feel empowered together!

Looking for some new song recommendations? Or just want to listen to something upbeat while doing those daily activities? Well look no more Mariposa Sisters has your back! Here are 7 female artists with songs that will leave you feeling empowered for the rest of the day! Just take a look at the lyrics seen below. You should consider giving all 7 songs a listen and you just might end up adding these to your playlist.


Katy perry 

Fingerprints :


Wanna break the stereotype 

Fist in the air

I’m not going down without a fight

It’s my life

And I’m not sitting on the sidelines



Run the world :


You can’t hold me

(you can’t hold me)

I work my 9 to 5

Better cut my check

This goes out to all

The women gettin’ it

In, get on your grind


Billie Eilish

You should see me in a crown :


You should see me in a crown

I’m gonna run this nothin town

Watch me make ‘em bow

One by one by one


No doubt 

Just a Girl :


Oh, I’m just a girl, take

a good look at me

Just your typical prototype 

Oh, I’ve had it up to here

Oh, am I making myself clear?



Breakthrough (this is the English translation) :


Heading for an ideal future

I’m prepared to overcome any obstacles

Time is infinite but you can never turn it back

This story of “me” only happens once

No matter what people say 

Shake it off, I’m going my way

Say say, don’t give up!

Say say, don’t give up!

Till the day I can be proud of myself


Doja Cat

Boss Bi*** :


Big up yourself cause you know they won’t

I chew, chew, chew, cause they hope I choke

I’m a bi***, I’m a boss

I’m a bi***, I’m a boss

Ima shine like gloss


Lesley Gore

You don’t own me :


Im free and i love to be free

To live my life the way i want

To say and do whatever i please

And don’t tell me what to do



Author: Daisy Elizalde

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10 Motivating Girl-Power Anthems

In need of some female empowerment during this rough season of life? We’ve got you covered with this list of inspiring songs to add to your playlist. 



“This Girl is on Fire”- Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys sings about being free and bold in her hit song. The metaphorical line “This girl is on fire” reflects the singers’ feelings about being a woman in this, often times, unforgiving world.


Standout lyrics: “Oh, we got our feet on the ground/ And we’re not burning it down/ Oh, got our head in the clouds/ And we’re not coming down”



“Fight song”- Rachel Platten

This empowering track is sure to get any girl feeling inspired. Rachel Platten encourages, not only herself, but other women to believe in themselves and be strong.


Standout lyrics: “This is my fight song/Take back my life song/Prove I’m alright song”



“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”- Kelly Clarkson

This confidence anthem is not only empowering, but also encourages women who are healing from heartbreak that “What doesn’t kill you… makes you stronger.”


Standout lyrics: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger/Stand a little taller/ Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone/ What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter/Footsteps even lighter/ Doesn’t mean I’m over ’cause you’re gone



“Run the World (Girls)”- Beyonce

Queen B reminds everyone who’s really in charge with her hit song. The upbeat track will have you singing along with it’s repetitive statement “Who run the world? Girls”


Standout lyrics: “My persuasion can build a nation/ Endless power, with our love we can devour”



“The Man”- Taylor Swift

Taylor swift reflects on the double standard between men and women and how different life would be if she were a man.


Standout lyrics: “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can/ Wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man/ And I’m so sick of them coming at me again/ ‘Cause if I was a man, then I’d be the man”



“God is a Woman”- Ariana Grande

Mega-star Ariana Grande sings about female sexual liberation in her hit single. She makes a bold statement with her metaphorical idea that “God is a woman.” 


Standout lyrics: “When all is said and done/ You’ll believe God is a woman”



“Rare”- Selena Gomez

This self-empowerment anthem is all about showing yourself some love when it seems like no one else is. Selena Gomez’s inspiring lyrics remind women that they are uniquely wonderful and special.


Standout lyrics: “It feels like you don’t care/ Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?”



“Good as Hell”- Lizzo

Lizzo reminds girls they don’t need a man to feel good about themselves in her upbeat hit. She emphasizes the fact that focusing on yourself will change your life.


Standout lyrics: “You know you a star, you can touch the sky/ I know that it’s hard, but you have to try”



“Beautiful”- Christina Aguilera

This timeless classic touches the soul and encourages women to realize the importance of their inner beauty. Christina Aguilera belts lyrics about accepting herself despite what people might say.


Standout lyrics: “I am beautiful/ In every single way/ Yes words can’t bring me down, oh no/ So don’t you bring me down today”



“Man! I Feel Like A Woman”- Shania Twain

Last but certainly not least, Shania Twain’s hit song might be the most notable girl-power anthem on this list. Twain sings about letting loose and having fun as a reminder to all women that it’s ok to be yourself.


Standout lyrics: “Color my hair, do what I dare/ Oh-oh-oh, I wanna be free/ Yeah, to feel the way I feel/ Man! I feel like a woman!


Author: Ashli Ellerman

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4 Spooky shows with powerful women leads you should watch just in time for Halloween!

1. Lovecraft Country 

This HBO horror drama television series is needless to say, the most horrifying yet interesting show I’ve probably ever watched. Based on the novel Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff, the show is filled with supernatural elements like witchcraft, ghosts, time-travel and more. Each episode takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster keeping each viewer hooked as the plot thickens. You just never know what might happen next in this blockbuster. 


Jurnee Smollett stars as Letitia, a young black woman from the south, who joins her longtime friend Atticus (played by Jonathan Majors) and his uncle George (played by Courtney B. Vance) in a quest to find his father set in the Jim Crow and racist era of the 1950’s.


In the show Letitia is a photographer who displays a vast aptitude of independence & power while still embodying her feminine nature in the manner she cares for others especially Atticus. Letitia is what I would consider a fierce powerful Black woman!



2. The Haunting of Hill House

This Netflix supernatural horror drama TV series is an all-time favorite around this time of year. The show follows five siblings as their past haunts them. Bouncing back and forth from the past to the present showing flashbacks of the siblings paranormal experiences. The show is not only terrifying but captivating with its enticing actors and its extraordinary visuals. This show will definitely give you a good scare.


The show starring many great actresses such as  Carla Gugino who played Olivia Crain, Elizabeth Reaser and Lulu Wilson as Shirley Crain Harris, Kate Siegel and Mckenna Grace playing Theodora  aka “Theo” Crain and Victoria Pedretti and Violet McGraw as Eleanor “Nell” Crain Vance, who I thought was the most captivating character. 


All the women and young girls played powerful roles in this series, truly embodying their  characters, the ladies gave the audience the experience of true terror.



3. The Haunting of Bly Manor

This new Netflix series is a supernatural horror drama spin-off series of The Haunting of the Hill House. The two series have different storylines as The Haunting of Bly Manor is about a young woman who is hired by a man after a tragic event occurs and he’s left with his niece and nephew. The young woman Danielle aka “Dani” Clayton is played by Victoria Pedretti who also played in The Haunting of the Hill House. She takes care of the children at the family’s country house which is the Bly estate, where she begins to have a chilling experience as she starts to see ghosts. 


In fact, many of the characters in this series were characters in The Haunting of the Hill House, Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, Carla Gugino, and Catherine Parker all play new characters within this series but they are also many other great actors in this series, a lot of which are great actresses. 


Although this show does play as a spin-off of The Haunting on the Hill House, the two shows are very different. Both shows will definitely give you a good scare with a great storyline to follow but The Haunting of Bly Manor is different as it is a chilling story that won’t have you jumping out of your seat but will make you want to sleep with the light on. 



4. Ratched

This Netflix drama/psychological thriller is by far one of my favorite new series not only because it stars the amazing Sarah Paulson, but because it is truly unconventional. Full of suspense, with the revelations of trilling and shocking truths, Ratched is sure to keep its audience on their toes with every episode.


The show follows nurse Mildred Ratched (played by Sarah Paulson), who makes her way to Northern California in the late 1940s to get a job at a recently popular psychiatric hospital. This hospital has begun experimental treatment on its patients and as a nurse, Mildred portrays herself to be the perfect employee, but underneath it all she despises the horrific practices. Mildred is also there to save her foster brother who was sent to the asylum after murdering several priests. 


Sara Paulson and other women in the series like Cynthia Nixon, who plays Gwendolyn Briggs the Governor’s press secretary and campaign manager, As well as Judy Davis who plays Nurse Betsy Bucket, the head nurse at Lucia State Hospital and Ratched’s foe turned into a friend.  


This gory show will have you squirming in your seat and turning your mind upside down. 


Author: Khala Clarke 

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7 Must-See Biopics about Iconic/Bad Ass Women


If you’re in need of some inspiration from some seriously powerful women, then check out one of these biopics. From artists to politicians, there is bound to be a motivational story you can relate to on this list.




If you don’t know who Frida Kahlo is, then this film is a must-see. Kahlo is quite possibly the most well-known Mexican painter of all time. She’s known for her autobiographical self-portraits which incorporated issues of class, gender and heritage. Frida tells the inspiring story of how her grave injury led to her love of painting. It follows her entire life as both a political activist and talented artist, as well as her love story with Diego Rivera. Salma Hayek portrays the legendary Kahlo in this hit biopic and was nominated for an Oscar for the role. 


The Iron Lady


This film details the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep portrays Thatcher, who became the first female prime minister, and longest serving, in the UK. The Iron Lady depicts Thatcher’s fight against both class and gender stereotypes as a female politician. Though the film has mixed reviews, Streep won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe  for her magnificent portrayal of Thatcher. 


Erin Brockovich


Julia Roberts plays Erin Brockovich in this inspiring film. The movie begins with Brockovich in a not-so-good situation. She’s an unemployed single mother who is being sued due to a traffic accident. She eventually gets hired as a legal assistant by her own lawyer and single-handedly takes down a huge energy corporation by uncovering their involvement in a water contamination incident. Roberts went on to win an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role.




Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla was an award winning artist in the Latin music scene, but she had her life taken from her at an early age. In Selena, Jennifer Lopez depicts Quintanilla’s road to fame and to finding love. However, right on the brink of mainstream success, she is tragically murdered by her good friend. This was Lopez’s breakout role, and it is still regarded as one of her best.




As a Jackie Kennedy fan, this biopic has to be one of my favorites on the list. Natalie Portman portrays former First Lady and international icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in this moving film. It follows Onassis’ life after her husband John F. Kennedy is assassinated. She must pick up the pieces and keep going, all while the entire world is watching. From the funeral to her departure from the white house, Portman, who was nominated for an Oscar, gives a chilling performance as the famous First Lady.


The Queen


This film depicts Queen Elizabeth II’s controversial response to Princess Diana’s death. The real-life events that took place during this time somewhat negatively impacted the public’s view of the Queen, so this film offers an interesting look into what was really going on. Helen Mirren portrays Queen Elizabeth’s ongoing battle between privately mourning versus publicly mourning the late princess. Mirren went on to win both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role.7 Must-See Biopics about Iconic/Bad Ass Women.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


This inspiring film tells the story of how an Afircan-American woman’s cells were used to create the first immortal human cell line that would change the course of cancer treatment forever. Oprah Winfrey plays Deborah Lacks, Henrietta’s daughter, as she embarks on a journey to learn more about her deceased mother. The groundbreaking story was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and Winfrey’s portrayal was well-received by critics. 


Author: Ashli Ellerman

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5 Podcasts Created by Women You Need to be Listening to

1.  My Favorite Murder


As a true crime fan, My Favorite Murder is one of, if not my favorite, podcast of all time. The true crime comedy podcast is hosted by the hilarious duo Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The two women teamed up in 2016 to create a light-hearted, yet captivating show where they tell stories about their favorite murders. They also invite fans to send in stories about their hometown murders, so there is never a shortage of chilling topics. The witty banter mixed with true crime stories makes for a more entertaining podcast. These women never fail to make you both laugh and shudder from terror in each episode.


2. The Michelle Obama Podcast


Former First Lady Michelle Obama just recently started her hit-podcast where she discusses all things relationships, wellness and life. She had her husband Barack Obama on her very first episode, and the two dove deep into today’s current issues. Michelle offers her unique view on the world as the former president’s wife but also makes the podcast her own. She invites many special people in her life, such as her brother and best friends to talk about anything and everything. Fingers crossed she decides to do another season.


3. Office Ladies


This is another fun, light-hearted podcast for serious fans of The Office. Co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, AKA Pam and Angela, teamed up to give fans an in-depth look into each episode of The Office. While Office Ladies is still rather new, it continuously sits on top of the charts each week. The two women give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the making of specific episodes, and fans are eating it up.


4. Call Your Girlfriend


If you want a mix of pop-culture and politics, then Call Your Girlfriend is a good place to start. Best friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman began their podcast in 2014 as a way to discuss topics surrounding women. Aminatou lives in Brooklyn and Friedman lives in Los Angeles, so they record their podcast by calling each other weekly. The two often highlight other women and discuss topics surrounding feminism, women’s wellness, friendship, etc. You name it, they talk about it. They have honest, real conversations about life and are not afraid to speak their minds when it comes to important issues. The women-led podcast is also produced by Gina Delvac.


5. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations


When I think of super inspiring women, Oprah is one of the first people to pop into my head, and I think a lot of people would agree. In her podcast, Oprah interviews all different types of people from all different walks of life and invites listeners to “awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you.” It’s basically like a self-help book but in podcast form. So, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this is the podcast for you.


Author: Ashli Ellerman