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10 Daily positive affirmations for a better mindset

As we are still early into this new year, changes are continuously happening around us and keeping a strong and positive mindset will make the different transitions that come with life that much more easier. The Mariposa Sisters believe in finding peace within yourself will not only help better your mind but it helps your body, your soul and ultimately it will help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Creating a positive mindset will help you have a positive and peaceful life. 


 So let’s get into it, what are positive affirmations? 


Positive affirmations are words, phrases and statements that an individual says to themselves or others to encourage and motivate. In other words, Affirmations are what I like to call “confidence shots’ ‘ they are words that carry so much power because when you are self- affirming you are building your confidence by motivating, encouraging and reassuring yourself.


 Affirming yourself is a way to self build, heal, and love yourself. So, take these 10 affirmations and create a positive mind, body and heart. 


To start the day (fill in the space with a positive affirmation)


1. I embrace the power and beauty within me. 


2. I am confident of my ability to ______________


3. I am even better than I was yesterday. 


4. What I love about myself is_________________


5. Today I will allow myself to be who I am free of any judgement.


To end the day 


6. I am grateful for the many blessing I have in my life. 


7. With each day I am growing and learning.


8. I trust the path that I am on. 


9. I felt proud of myself today when I___________


10. I am beautiful, strong, powerful, courageous, I am ready for whatever is next for me.


Tips when self affirming

* When self-affirming you want the thing you say to actually resonate, so be sure to stay 100 percent honest with yourself and speak truthfully. 


* Make positive affirmations a part of  your daily routine. 


* Journaling or writing  your affirmations is a great way to get in the habit of saying affirmations as well as remembering the things you’ve said along the way.


* Avoid saying words with negative connotations. 


* Self-affirm EVERYWHERE, in the mirror, the shower, the car EVERYWHERE! Continuously remind yourself what you mean to you!


Author: Khala Clarke 

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4 ways to Embrace menstruation

Menstrual cycles, also known as periods or moon cycles, is the time of the month that most women dread. but what if I told you your monthly cycle is something that is so sacred it should be embraced. A woman’s menstrual cycle is a form of her feminine power and should be considered beautiful and extraordinary. With that being said here are four ways to embrace your menstrual cycle. 


1. Mindful thinking


When it’s ‘that time of the month’ for us we often become negative, unmotivated and moody; all of which may be deemed as natural but embracing your period and developing a positive mindset will go a long way. 


Think of it like this: during your period your body is shedding its linings and replenishing, So by  knowing this and setting a positive mindset with the intent of letting go, your body releases any built up stress, anxiety or negative energy. This helps with relaxation and keeping a steady mindset during your period. 


A great way to clear your mind and eliminate all the unsettling thoughts and feelings that may come up is to meditate. Meditating is a great way to level both the mind and the body.



2. Show yourself some extra love 


During your period it’s very important to show yourself an immense amount of love. We sometimes feel extra tired or lazy during our periods, so allow yourself to slow down and have some down time. Take a bath, sip a glass of wine or tea, binge-watch your favorite show if you feel inclined to and take that nap if you need one…Or  two.  


It’s also important to not let your cravings get the best of you. Eat clean and drink lots of water. If you get a sweet tooth, yes indulge but don’t go crazy. Eating fresh fruit is a great alternative for candy and other sweets.  



3. Go with the flow 


As women we can’t hide the fact that there are many challenges that come with menstruation. one of which is deciding what to wear. Although, you may want to go against your body and throw on that new white dress from Fashionova, however wearing dark colors, flowy dresses and breathable pants promotes comfort and will allow nature to take its course without any disruptions. With that being said go with the flow. Not everyday has to be a fashion show and remember there’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling comfortable. 



4. Go Green 


Use feminine products that promote a healthier living such as organic tampons and pads that are free of cotton, chlorine, synthetic pesticides, dyes & fragrances. Having cleaner products will not only benefit you but it will help the earth as well. 



Author: Khala Clarke 





Empower Women Lists and Tips Women empowering women Womens wellness

Feeling Overworked? Here’s How to Fix it.

Losing sleep? Gaining weight? Feeling tired all of the time? These are all symptoms of being overworked. This means that finding a balance between your career and wellness needs to become more of a priority for you in 2021. So get out of that work rut and focus on yourself a bit more with these tips.



1. Take time to relax.


This is an obvious one. You need to schedule in some time everyday to do something you enjoy. Read a book. Watch your favorite TV show. Bake some cookies. Find something that makes you happy outside of your job, and don’t feel guilty about it. Life isn’t just about work.



2. Move your body.


This doesn’t mean you need to sweat it out at the gym for an hour. Just simply go for a walk or watch a 20 minutes yoga tutorial on YouTube. Exercise is super important for calming the mind and keeping your body healthy.




3. Learn a new skill.


Challenging your mind every now and then is also a good way to get out of a rut at work. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, or maybe you want to learn how to knit. It can be literally anything. Sometimes being overworked just means that you’ve been doing the same mundane thing for too long, so learning something new is a good way to reset your mind.




4. Meditate


This one might sound scary, but trust me, it’s not. Meditation is also a good way to reset your mind and spirit after you experience high levels of stress. If you’ve never done it before, you’re in luck. We have a blog all about beginning to meditate. Just take 10 minutes a day to disconnect, and you will see a world of a difference.




5. Go outside.


Spending time in the sun is scientifically proven to boost your mood, so doing so is never a bad idea. This can be as simple as drinking your morning coffee outside or going for a walk. Also, since we’re in the middle of a pandemic right now, and you’re probably still stuck working from home, you could bring your work outside.



Just remember. Taking care of yourself is just as important as your career. If your self-care is slacking, then it will reflect back on your work. All you have to do is follow some simple steps and you are sure to see a difference.



Author: Ashli Ellerman

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Tips and Tricks to Begin Meditating

Ladies, who doesn’t want to start off the new year on a high note? Learning how to meditate can benefit you in so many ways, but the task itself can feel daunting. Have no fear though, it’s not as hard as it might seem. These key meditation tips and tricks will make sure you’re your most zen self as we begin 2021. 


1.Download the Calm app.


If I could only offer you one piece of advice, then it would be this. The Calm app is a game changer when it comes to learning how to meditate. Calm offers you tons of different guided meditations led by experts so that you can feel like an expert. You can simply start with one of the beginner meditations on how to start meditating, and then when you feel comfortable you can begin other types of meditations based on the issues that arise throughout your day. There’s meditations catered to work-life, college students, anxiety, sleep and so much more.


2. Stick to it.


Though it might be hard at first, you have to keep pushing yourself. Letting go and freeing your mind definitely isn’t the most natural thing, so make sure you give yourself patience. Commit to just 10 minutes a day for at least a month. If you create a daily routine, then not only will you be more likely to keep doing it, but you’re also guaranteed to get better at it the more you practice.


3. Give yourself some slack.


Don’t worry too much about if you’re doing it wrong. It’s not like playing a sport or baking. There isn’t really a perfect way to do it. Your mind will wander because that’s just how our minds are programmed but as long as you try to focus your attention on the meditation then you really can’t mess it up. It’s all about practice.


4. Take a yoga class.


Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, so taking a yoga class is the perfect way to enhance your meditation practice. This calming form of exercise can really get you into the right headspace before beginning your meditation practice. You don’t even have to spend money on a class if you don’t want to. Sarah Beth is a yoga instructor on YouTube, and she offers all different types of yoga classes. “A moving meditation is being mindful and aware of movement without a goal or destination,” says Beth. “It’s not about hitting the posture or where you’re going next — just enjoying what’s happening in each present moment as it happens.”



Author: Ashli Ellerman

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Making Time for Yourself

With the holidays right around the corner and the world being 9 months into the pandemic, it’s that much more important to take some time out for yourself. Taking yourself on a date is also a perfect way to break up your day and spice up your normal break time. I would love to share some of my favorite ways to spend some well deserved me-time.



Yoga is an amazing way to exercise and relax. One of the things I love about yoga is it can be practiced anywhere and anytime. You don’t even need a mat, just a soft surface! Yoga is deeply personal and practices are completely customizable. A practice can be anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour; depending on your skill level and what your body needs. I like to use the Nike Training App to access yoga classes, but there’s also so many practices you can follow along on Youtube as well. My favorite is Yoga With Adriene, but some other channels are MadFit, Yoga With Kassandra and Boho Beautiful. 



Taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate is a great way to reset yourself and just to take a pause. Like yoga, meditation is deeply personal. For me, meditation is a part of my daily routine. I like to meditate before I practice yoga to set my intentions for the practice and clear my mind of busy thoughts. I also meditate after yoga to ensure a smooth transition from yoga to whatever else I’m going to do the rest of the day. When I meditate, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and place it out of my reach. I personally like to sit in silence with my eyes closed, focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind.You can meditate with background music such as ocean sounds or yoga music, or you can just sit or even lay in silence.



Journaling is another great way to invest some time in yourself. It is very cathartic to just grab a pen and some paper and just let your thoughts go. Most of my journal entries don’t have much structure to them because they just follow the flow of my thoughts. It also feels like a form of meditation when you’re just reflecting on your thoughts and thinking about what to write. What you journal in doesn’t matter; whether it’s on a laptop, random pieces of paper, or in a journal. I started journaling my freshman year of college and it has been such a beneficial and positive activity for me.


Spending Time Outside

With stay-at-home orders and students taking online classes, it has gotten difficult to get outside and relax. Even in the midst of everything going on, I’ve made time for relaxation through roller skating, taking a walk, and even taking myself for a picnic date at the park. Skating has been super great for my mental health because it is both stimulating and challenging. Each time I go skating, I turn on a good playlist and take to the pavement. I challenge myself to learning new tricks and reward myself with feeling like I’m flying. Taking yourself on a picnic date at the park feels so special, and it’s so cute! Just pack up a blanket, something to eat, and whatever else you’d like to bring. I usually bring a book, my journal, or a coloring book and colored pencils, and my mask of course! Going for a walk in either your neighborhood or in the park can be stressful, so I usually go at times when there usually aren’t that many people. Just make sure to wear a mask and stay socially distant!


Given the current state of the world, remember to take yourself on a date because you deserve it! There are so many different ways to spend some time with yourself that will help you to reset and take a break from your phone. Below, LeArielle Simone shared a thread of ways to spend time for yourself based on the 5 Love Languages.

Story continues after post.


Don’t forget to take some time for yourself! What are your favorite ways to make time for yourself? Let us know in the box below!


Author: Alaina Newman 

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Staying safe during the Holidays!


This year has been a rocky one for all of us due to COVID-19 and now that the holidays are getting closer we want to do everything we can to slow down the spread! Here are some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays!


  1. Wash your hands frequently/use hand sanitizer:


Make sure you are washing your hands frequently especially when you are about to have a meal. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds! Also carrying around hand sanitizer comes in handy as well.

  1. Properly wear your mask when out and about!:


It is very important to properly wear your mask. Your mask should always be covering both your mouth and nose as seen on the illustration to the left!

  1. Stay 6 feet apart/maintain your distance: 


Try not to host large gatherings in your home. But if you do plan on hosting something remember to stay at least 6 feet apart and wear your mask! If a family member or a friend is sick, please advise them to stay home. 


  1. Clean/disinfect items that you frequently touch: 


Take some time out of your day to disinfect a couple of items that you frequently touch.

For example  phones, laptops, keyboards, remotes, doorknobs, etc….




If you or a loved one believes that your symptoms are related to covid-19 please go get tested as soon as possible! Even if you think it’s just the regular flu going around since it is flu season It’s better to get tested just in case. There are a couple of places that are offering free testing make sure to look into that if needed. Happy Holidays!



Author: Daisy Elizalde 

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5 Health & Beauty Businesses Owned by Black Women

Shontay Lundy, Founder & Creator, Black Girl Sunscreen

Shontay Lundy began with the dream of Black women having a sunscreen brand that caters to the needs of melanated skin. Sunscreen has a reputation for leaving a white cast on darker skin tones and therefore its use has been neglected by Black people. Knowing this, Lundy hit the Miami scene in 2016 with the launch of Black Girl Sunscreen. Launching her sunscreen brand was risky – she was going up against the longstanding belief that Black people don’t need to wear sunscreen. Much to her surprise, there were many other Black women looking for sunscreen. Black Girl Sunscreen now has a full time spot in Target’s sunscreen section and is the company’s only independently Black-owned brand. 




Bea Dixon, CEO & Founder, Honey Pot Co.

What kickstarted the Honey Pot Co.’s creation was Dixon’s struggle to get reliefs from bacterial vaginosis. She had a dream one night, where an ancestor came to her and gave her the gift of healing herself. The Honey Pot Co. is a natural  feminine care line. Their products range from tampons and pads to panty sprays, lubricants, and more. All of these products are made by women, for women. Honey Pot Co.’s products are made without chemicals, toxins, fragrances, and anything synthetic. They are sold online and in major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, and more.



Trinity Mouzan, Founder, Golde

In 2017, Golde was co-founded in Brooklyn, NY with a mission of bringing good vibes to the wellness industry. Golde is an independently owned company that makes superfood-boosted health and beauty essentials. Their products range from tumeric blends to face masks. 






Melissa Butler, CEO & Founder, The Lip Bar 

In 2012, Butler started The Lip Bar to challenge beauty standards. She didn’t want to conform to the way society was telling women how they should look. Butler began to experiment with making lipsticks in her kitchen. She sought out to make a brand that won’t compromise user health and aimed to change the ways people think about beauty products. After failing to strike a deal with one of the sharks on Shark Tank, Butler landed a spot on Target’s shelves. The Lip Bar is now in over 450 Target stores around the country and the brand even has its own storefront in Detroit, MI. The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that encourages users to challenge beauty standards, and reminds people that they are definitely enough!







Sharon Chuter, CEO & Founder, Uoma Beauty 

Born in Nigeria, Sharon Chuter has tackled the lack of color ranges in makeup brands and has been very hands-on with creating a brand that features a wide range in order to cater to all shades. She uses her African heritage in combination with her radiant spirit to deliver a product that is inclusive and well loved by its users. Uoma Beauty is characterized by instant payoff, loves all skin types, and delivers maximum pleasure to all the senses. 



Author: Alaina Newman








Black Girl Sunscreen

Honey Pot Co. 


The Lip Bar

Uoma Beauty 

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How to De-Stress During These Stressful Times

This past week has been a stressful one for everyone. Sometimes we don’t know how to handle large amounts of stress that comes upon  us. We might try avoiding what is making us feel so stressed out but that only leads to headaches that won’t go away. Here are three ways to get rid of those stress headaches!



1. Take a break from watching the news. You might be getting stressed over everything that is going on. So try not to use your electronics for long periods. Setup certain times to do something else other than just being on social media all the time. Talk to your friends and family, take a nap, or watch a show/listen to music that you find relaxing. Do something to get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out.



2. Sometimes we might not have anyone around to talk with or will feel a little embarrassed to talk about certain topics. Instead, write down your thoughts. Get a notebook or even on your cell phone you can use the notes app already installed and write your thoughts down on certain things. Having your mind filled with many different thoughts at once causes stress and even headaches so writing these thoughts down helps so much. It is a way of getting your thoughts out of your head.



3. Get yourself outside! Go do some exercise and get that blood pumping. Feel the fresh air by going for a quick walk or run. What’s important is that your body is moving around. Make sure that you are exercising at least a couple of times a week that way you won’t feel so stressed out as much and it is also a way to help you maintain good health. So it will be a win-win situation.



Author: Daisy Elizalde

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5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Days That Feel Repetitive

For the past couple of months, many days have felt repetitive. Mostly because we’ve switched everything up to be online rather than in person as a way to social distance. So most of us spend all our time with our laptops and desks at home. Being at home all the time sometimes gets in the way of our work. Having our beds and electronics near us at all times is very tempting. It makes you want to skip out on that class or work meeting and just sleep or watch shows all day long. There are many days where finding the motivation to do something might be hard. When those days come don’t let your motivation go fight back! Here are 5 ways that can help you stay motivated during times when you feel your  motivation is slipping away.


1. Take a break to relax:


Sometimes all you need is a break, a breather, a minute for yourself. At least spend 5 mins or more a day doing something that you like. Having a lot of work to be done is stressful especially when all those deadlines start getting close. It’s good to take a break
in between finished projects that way when you start your next one you won’t feel so tired you’ll feel refreshed and will make fewer mistakes.


2. Plan out your week:


When everything is planned out and written down you are more likely to achieve your goals for the week. Buy a planner, a dry erase board calendar to put up on your wall, or even use your phone to set up reminders. Just write down everything you have to do for
the week. As a college student, I’ve noticed that when you plan out your week in advance it really helps with keeping up with everything. Sometimes just knowing what is coming ahead sets you on the right track.


3. Set goals for yourself:


Setting goals for yourself is a must. It can be a small task like cleaning your room at least once a week or a big task like finishing all your projects by the end of the month. Give yourself something to work with and things will go smoothly.


4. Make sure to eat well:


Make sure you are eating 3 proper meals a day! Sometimes we might skip a couple meals if we are busy. But skipping meals usually leads to making you feel lazy and not having enough energy to do anything. If you do plan on skipping a meal try having a light snack
instead. Having something in your body is always better than nothing. Remember to stay hydrated and do your best with cutting back on junk food!


5. Change your surroundings:


A change in your surroundings helps as well. When you do your work it’s probably in the same spot everyday. Try changing it up every now and then. For example, if you always do work in your bedroom, try moving to a different room in your home. If you have a back yard or maybe even front yard try doing your work outside. Pull up a chair and just work there once in a while just to get some fresh air. Certain changes are always nice.



Author: Daisy Elizalde

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The changes that come in autumn

The season of autumn brings many beautiful changes from the colorful leaves falling along the streets, to the cozy sweaters and pumpkin-flavored treats! We notice these new changes happening around us but rarely do we also take note of the changes happening within our bodies. Just like the seasons our bodies change right along with it. 


As summer comes to an end and we flow into fall we may see drastic changes in our bodies. Not all changes are bad changes, in fact most of the changes that happen in our body may be very beneficial. 



Sleep patterns 

Throughout the year it may seem like we’re moving faster and our bodies are always playing catch up, but during the fall it just seems as though the world around us slows down a bit. During the fall, the weather becomes a little cooler causing people to stay in more, take naps, and hit the snooze button before getting up to start the day. 


Even though you’ll be getting more sleep it may not leave you feeling the best because we’re taking more naps and sleeping in, this may mess with your sleeping patterns making you feel a bit sluggish or even lazy when you wake up. So yes, take naps and sleep in but set an alarm to keep you at your absolute best!



Sex Drive Increases

During the fall season you usually will start to hear people throwing around the phrase “cuddle weather”. You probably also hear others saying they either need a cuddle buddy or how much they love having one. The immense amount of love and affection comes with the season, so if you’re feeling extra frisky don’t worry it’s natural. 


Studies have shown that in autumn our testosterone and estrogen levels are at an all-time high. In autumn, you don’t only crave your favorite holiday treats but your body starts craving a lot more *wink wink. In the fall both women and men experience a rise in libido.  Studies have also shown that our levels of attractions rise! Apparently our shift in clothing makes women become more attractive. Even though we show more skin in the summer, being covered up in the fall is said to be more attractive and has said to be a turn on



Your feminine area may feel better 

If you’re  prone to having Yeast infections and the occasional UTI, your vaginal area will feel a lot better in not only the fall but the winter too. Shifting from the hot and humid weather the summer brings, to the dry and cooler temperatures that the fall brings will guarantee a healthier vagina. 


The low temperatures have been said to comfort the vagina and vulva which are the more sensitive areas of the feminine body. Believe it or not many women shave less during the fall as they are covered up more. This is also helpful as we don’t wear tight undies and bikinis which help our sensitive lady down below breath. 


To ensure a healthier vagina, try to get a little more comfortable this fall and wear more cotton underwear and less fitted clothing. Studies have shown wearing synthetic underwear and tight clothes increase your chances of infection.


These are just a few changes to help you get to know as well as understand your body this fall season. 


Author: Khala Clarke